PRAGA Wall Mounted Carport Review

A top quality product that will serve you well for many years 

PRAGA wall mounted carport Review

Car Port Overview

The PRAGA wall mounted carport or terrace roof. A first class product by KosWOOD delivering an outstanding carport made exclusively from glued wood, high grade metal components and polycarbonate roofing. It is this combination of materials that combine together to provide a long standing product that will server you for many years to come.

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PRAGA Wooden Carport Review

Praga carports is a synonym of outstanding quality and this wall mounted carport certainly delivers. Applied as a carport or roofing terrace a client can be assured that this product will serve them well for many years. We particularly like the bespoke option where colours and roof shape can be designed for individual needs. A great carport at a very reasonable price and definately worth our four stars. Buy it today.

KosWOOD structures are constructed with glued wood which gives their products an advantage over solid wood and steel, aluminium, concrete structures and reinforced concrete. Expert in the design and manufactoring of light wooden structures, Koswood offer first class products dedicated to the most demanding clients. Simply quality without compromise.

First class roofing comes with high quality polycarbonate which provides for resistance to all weather conditions as well as the passage of time. All clients are treated individually and to meet any special needs or requirements they offer custom sized roofing on all models of car ports. You can see the full product range here.

Wooden carports are better looking and a more environmentally option than a plastic or metal carport.

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Key Features

Height: 2.74m

Width: 3.4m

Length: 5.62m

A Wide Range of Colours

Custom Sized Designs Available

Special Features

No twisting effect of structural beams, even with large sections and lengths,contrary to solid wood
Resistance to atmospheric,chemical and biological factors
Unlimited possibilities of forming elements
Resistance to aggressive environment

Environmentally friendly
Very high resistance and rigidity
Minimum exposure to cracking
Resistance to swelling

Economical solution
Fire resistance
Long life
Superb visual quality


Excellent buy and remarkably good value for money. A very robust carport, easy to construct with two strong adults.  The whole structure is very solid and made with good materials. Would definately recommend

Polycarbonate Roofing System

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