Liveoutside Ludlow Wooden Lean-to Carport Review

The perfect parking solution, designed to fix to a solid wall 

Ludlow Wooden Lean-to Car Port Review

Carport Overview

Yet another Liveoutside Wooden Car Port because they are simply stunning and great value for money. You can see the whole range here. The Ludlow Lean-to Wooden Carport comes with a PVC roof is just the perfect solution for parking your vehicle. Designed to fix to a solid structure, this timber carport provides great protection for your car, caravan, motorhome or just any vehicle, from bad weather with ease. You have the option of fixing this lean-to carport to a wall, or if this doesn’t suit your taste, or a solid structure is not an option, you can use the timber posts.

It’s a fact that wooden carports are a more environmentally friendly, better looking option than a plastic or metal carport.

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Key Features

6.5m Length Accommodates a Range of Uses
2.84m x 3.66m Footprint

Delivered with all Necessary Fixings and Assembly Instructions
Pressure Impregnated Advanced Formula Wood Preservative
Wooden Components Guaranteed for Ten Years
Width from Wall to Post: 2.84m
Length: 5.6m
Full Width Including Roof: 3.21m
Height at Wall: 2.95m
Height at Post: 2.04m

Roof Material: PVC

Wooden Components: Northern European Softwood

All Delivered Promptly to Your Address

Special Features

Complete with All Required Fixings and Instructions for Straightforward Self-Assembly
PVC Roof Can Offer Protection Against Inclement Weather, Bird Lime, and Tree Sap
Wood is Pressure Treated with Advanced Formula Preservative
Wooden Components Guaranteed for Ten Years Against Outdoor Hazards
Responsibly Sourced Timber from Properly Managed Forests
Northern European Softwood Components
Three Strong Wooden Support Pillars


Building A Wooden Carport Made Easy

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