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We take a look at all types of car ports from the desirable wooden carport to self assembly car ports and the increasingly popular cantilever carport. caravan awnings. We review all the top brands and give our honest opinion on all car shelters we look at so you can make that informed decision.

Review car ports uk

Carports UK

Which Is The Best Carport To Suit Your Needs? We Provide A Great Buyers Guide To The Many Styles And Types Of Carports Available On The Market

Best Timber Carport Reviews

Timber Carports

The Stunning Wooden Carports Or Timber Carports. Free Standing Or Attached. We Review Them All So You Can Make That Informed Choice

Best Cantilever Carports

Cantilever Carports

Cantilever Carports Are Freestanding Structures With Overhanging Roof Supports On Just One Side. The Most Common Design Used In Many Carport Projects

Best Carport Kits Reviews

Carport Kits Reviewed

For All Your DIY Carports. There Are Many Different Sizes And Designs Available All Geared Towards The Do IT Yourself Handyman. Carport Kits Make The Ideal Building Project

Carport Reviews

For all your car port reviews, from wooden carports, free standing carport designs and even self assembly carports (also known as carports diy), you are faced with a huge choice of  canopies. Should you go with the metal car ports, the cantilever car ports or free standing covers? Finding your way through the endless options is difficult and Outdoor Canopies is here to review and recommend whats best for you. We understand that carports uk prices can be steep, so we look across a range of prices suitable for all pockets.

See A List Of The Best Wooden Carports

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Carports are built to provide that essential protection for cars, caravans, motor homes and even bikes against the harsh British weather, whether that being the rain or the sun. The elements can damage your prized possessions but with the right car port, where choice includes a vast array of colours, materials and finishes, you can protect your assets against whatever the weather throws at you. Protect your investments and also add value to your home with a quality wooden, metal or even DIY carport. The choice is huge and the price can go from cheap to very expensive depending on what style and construction type you opt for. You can spend from a few hundred pounds (see cheapest carports here) up to thousands of pounds on a car port. See a list of the best carports available.

good examples

The most popular products are wooden carports and cantilever carports. That said, carports DIY, also known as self assembly carports are becoming more and more popular as these carport kits are becoming easier to build and at fantastic prices. You can find some real bargains if you enjoy the do-it-yourself option. See the cheapest option here.

Remember that the quality of timber used will determine the overall cost of the building project. Use the best timber you can afford and keep in mind the ease and use of any such material

Wooden Carports

A great addition to any property is a timber car port, that being an attached or free-standing structure. Not the cheap option but these structures bring amazing kerb appeal and will definitely add value to any home. There are may designs to choose from depending on your personal taste and of course, budget. Wooden carport kits, commonly sold as self build wooden carports provide for a cheaper solution for those among us who are handy at building their own structures.

Wooden carports designs – Designed for multiple purposes these days, a wooden car port brings quality and sturdy construction. The main function is for storage and or a space to park a vehicle, whether that is a car or even a motor home or boat. You can construct a timber car port to be a standalone of attached building, though you can also design a more versatile construction. Remember though, you still need to approach your local council for wooden carport planning permission.

Liveoutside Revelatio Double Carport

five stars

best price
Liveoutside Ludlow Wooden Carport

five stars

best price
Praga Wall Mounted Carportfive starsbest price
Conwy Double Carport Carportfive starsbest price


attachedThe attached construction is one of the most common options out there today. They are easy to build, affordable and are generally seen as the perfect solution for properties that lack a garage. Available in both a flat roof and sloped roof design, the flat option are cheaper to build but will require a water proof coating every 3 to 5 years to prevent leaks. The sloped roof usually cost a little more to build as trussing is used to build a slope but this style is very effective in draining water. Once in place this roof type requires very little maintenance. An attached wooden car port also provides for quick access due to very close proximity to the main property. They can also save a significant amount of space.


For all building projects be sure to obtain a building permit if required. This is a legal requirement before starting any project. Failure to do so can result in an order to remove any offending structure

Detached, or free standing  are the more expensive option and require a larger area to construct. detachedAvailable in several designs, a common construction is the lean-to carport which is usually found along the property line. This kind of building does expose one side to the elements. That said, you can opt to fit lattice between the posts to overcome this issue. Building a detached car port is not necessarily about functionality, though purpose should be carefully thought through at the design stage, but also provides the opportunity to enhance and increase the value of your property. There are many beautiful designs available according to available budget and one should always keep in mind the cost of materials and labour when planning such a project.

See A List Of The Best Wooden Carports

Cantilever Carports

Ultra modern design, a cantilever carport is a free standing structure incorporating an overhanging roof which in turn is supporting on one side by posts. This design provides for less posts and more space so why not unclutter the design and maximise the space!

Cantilever examples

Cantilevers are fast becoming the must have design and can be found where access is limited and having four posts just isn’t possible. They are extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere. A further bonus with this type of carport is the avoidance of being attached to the property and as a result not being subject to local council restrictions. Where an attached building or structure is seen as a permanent addition to the property, a freestanding cantilever carport is entirely separate, much like a gazebo, and as such can be seen as a removable structure.

Self Assembly Carports

Carport Kits for DIY installation are fast becoming the preferred solution for protecting your vehicle from the harsh British weather, and at a low cost. So if you feel you are pretty handy with a few basic tools you can save yourself hundreds of pounds putting together your very own car port.

Construction materials are available in wood, metal or even as a waterproof fabric, depending on the size and style you require and customisation provides a great opportunity to experiment. That being said, in order to make an educated decision on the type of construction needed you need to ask yourself a few questions;

  • The type of weather experienced throughout the year?
  • How do you plan to use your carport?
  • Last but not least… BUDGET?

Once these questions are answered you can begin the process of choosing the right structure and material for you.

Poorly constructed carports can detach the roof of the connecting structure if it is not able to withstand the forces imposed by the weather

Fabric, available in tarpaulin or polyethylene provide for the more versatile storage option and are sometimes considered as tents. These types of covers create a safe place for cars, bikes or any other smaller vehicle whenever and wherever they are needed. Portable and easily assembled, the party tent product can cost from a few hundred pounds, as shown with the excellent Quictent Heavy Duty Carport Canopy, up to a couple of thousand pounds like the Shelterlogic Outdoor Garage.

 See A List Of The Best Self Assembly Carports

Pressure treated timber structures are more durable and built properly will provide for a more sturdier structure. If you are looking for a long-term structure then timber is the way to go. Available as standalone, adjacent structures or lean-to products, the choice is wide ranging but so is the price. Ranging in price from a few hundred pounds with a pergola gazebo carport (see cheapest option here) to the moderately priced timber carports such as the great value for money Alaskan timber range. But, try not to make the budget the overriding criteria when choosing a self build carport. Always ensure you choose a quality product from a proven manufacturer especially at the top end of the market. One such provider being the amazing Arizona Double Wooden Carport where you can guarantee yourself a great looking building when you choose the timber option.

various carports

Galvanized metal car ports are the cheaper option and faster to install and extremely sturdy. Ideal for a quick cheap option when looking to house your vehicle. Built on free footings, the DIY metal carport has a roof with open sides and can be constructed on concrete, asphalt, wooden decks or on plain ground. To secure and anchor the structure to the various surfaces, you can choose bolts, anchors and or wedges which are all suitable to fix the building to the ground and provide stability.

Steel carports are stronger and cheaper than timber products and can be built in one hour providing shelter to both the residential and public sectors

Go here for our recommended steel car shelter. A great looking but simple design, easy to build product at a fantastic price. The framework is made from galvanized steel with a 100% waterproof  PVC roof. We think this carport from Interouge ticks all the boxes and at a price you can afford.

The Best DIY Carport Kits Here