The Construction Process

The exact definition of a carport is a cover that is either mounted on a wall, or freestanding. It does not require four walls, strictly speaking a traditional build needs only two or three sides.


Carports are generally regarded as an inexpensive but effective project and therefore the thought of building with walls is a contradiction and is a major financial advantage. If you look at the construction, there are two types of carports: the prefabrication system and the permanent structure with a flat roof. The type one normally sees in American homes are prefabricated systems, while in Europe and on other continents, the flat roof version preferred.

The prefabricated system is also known as a portable carport and is not attached to the house. This portable type can also be dismantled and rebuilt at another house. The solidly built products can be partially or completely attached to a house or existing garage. Some homeowners have even built their construction on the lawn!

Portable carports are normally open and can be expanded with additional walls as needed.

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They can also be constructed as a tent. Prefabricated systems are usually very light and very durable. These systems are often the first choice of homeowners who want to save money and want to build the carport themselves.The only real advantage of prefabricated systems is the money savings. Simply buy the kit (with or without side walls) and build the parts according to the instructions. The big advantage of solid-built structures, with stronger materials such as aluminium, is the durability and flexibility. For fixed-built products you can determine the size yourself and build it big enough for two cars or high enough for a van or motorhome.

Prefabricated systems give the illusion that they are durable and hard as they are supplied with weight bags that can be filled with sand or stones. There are also special “anchors” that promise several stability advantages, but fact remains that these structures are designed to be easily disassembled. This means that they are not very stable in and do not really deter vandals and thieves.


Carports that are attached to the foundation of the house are built from strong building materials and require a simple formula for the construction. You need a “square box” so that you can build the carport according to the required dimensions. Next you need to determine the size from the height of the vehicle. Your next step is then to dig the proper amount of holes in the corners and set up the materials. The carport requires about six posts, depending on the details of the construction.

In addition to the construction you may also attach the unit to the building. To achieve this you need a support beam. This is part of the frame that supports the ends of the connecting pieces. The support beams transfer the weight and anchors the structure firmly to your house or garage.

If the posts are set, it is time to install the end pieces and rafters. You must make sure that the carport will be built parallel to the existing building. It is always best to attach bar shoes on the support bar to keep everything in its place. The posts are then attached by inserting bolts in the drilled holes. Then attach rafters and the front support beam with the beam shoes. Finally, you need to attach the brackets and cut off all the excess thread.

flatroof-car-portThe difficulty of this project is depending on how many walls you want to install. However, keep in mind that the price increases with the number of walls but the increased protection is worth the cost. If a carport is built, the craftsman or handyman must make sure that the roof and the whole construction, if it is not supported by a wall, but is supported by several posts that are stable enough to carry the weight. Otherwise, the neighboring buildings can carry a part or even the entire load and therefore doubling the covered space.

If you specify the details, you cannot rely on rough estimates, because you are required by law to seek advice from your local authority on any restrictions. In suburbs and in the city, these are usually covered by rules on height and how large it is. In addition, there may also be permits you need before you start building. You can also build without permission … but then you run the risk of infringing laws and will need to pay fines or even having to tear down the whole building again.

The Best Materials

Speaking about construction projects, let us talk about the best material for this complicated task. To get straight to the point, it is aluminium and there are many reasons. Aluminium is a metal capable of conducting electricity and is shiny and malleable. It is solid at room temperature and has a high melting point.

Metal is almost universally used in manufacturing carports, since it is well suited for flat roof constructions. There are also wooden carports and many kits for DIY enthusiasts are wooden. They can also be made of fiberglass, stone, concrete and many other materials. Nevertheless, the most stable metal carports are aluminium. Aluminium is more durable than wood and lasts longer than wood and steel.

The reason for this is that aluminium has properties that make it resistant to rot, corrosion and most other damage. The metal also is rust-resistant. In wooden structures, you must treat the carport repeatedly since wood needs special care to make it durable.

In contrast, aluminium requires no maintenance or regular maintenance as long as you don’t combine it with steel and an electrolyte as this can produce corrosion. Therefore, one must be careful not to bring steel and aluminium directly together. It is possible to bring together steel beams and aluminium sheets with adequate protection, but you can just as well use aluminium support. All the carport can be built from aluminium! Traditionally one has always thought that aluminium is an expensive material, but since then the price has fallen (is one of the most abundant metals on Earth), more and more companies and homeowners have used aluminium for these projects. Aluminium is inexpensive, and this mainly because it saves you a lot of money in maintenance.

Before we discuss the important point of the roof, it is important to emphasize that the walls must be reinforced in order to be resistant to strong winds up to 130km / h. The higher the building, the less stable it is. So a structure with aluminium walls, which is ten feet high, may not be as stable as a nine feet high.

There is another possibility which makes things more complicated: there are now aluminium kits for carports. Although it is always a good decision to use aluminium, the prefabricated kit cannot be compared with a fixed built carport, which built correctly is an immovable part of your home. Please note, if you use aluminium for a self-built carport that you have all the necessary tools at hand. You need a screwdriver and hammer, as well as tools for the cutting of aluminium, such as knives, saws, etc.

Considerations For The Roof

The roof is an important aspect of the construction and it must be built with sturdy material so that it is stable enough to withstand wind, rain and snow. Although a stable roof of a high-quality material such as aluminium is stronger than wood, you should make sure that thirty pounds of snow or even more can support the weight.

Aluminium itself is a fairly flexible material and the durability of a carport roof made of aluminium is affected by the overall stability of the construction.

Nevertheless, aluminium itself may be between 300 and 400 pounds and carry only 25 pounds when the plates are thin

Of course you may not use aluminium for the cover as it’s not really a construction application. That is why you can often see carports with roofing materials made of fabric, glass fibre and so on. But the same advantages of aluminium being used for the side walls can also apply to the construction of the roof.

A cover fabric provides only shade and does not protect the roof from rain or snow. It is probably not worth the expensive of having to rebuild a roof which has collapsed due to heavy snowfall. One can have a  coverering with fabric but this is not really an effective solution. The only thing you can do with fabric is to protect your vehicle against damage from the sun.

The Future

So we have covered the basics. Now we just need to discuss the future and this topic is very exciting. The most expensive products offer more than just protection. Bespoke projects, or unique ports offer more than just a standard design. They provide information and are sometimes even considered art.

Think for example of reinforced carports that can carry thousands of pounds. These are adapted to be used for more than just a shelter. For example you can set up an office in the attic. More expensive carports can therefore have four complete walls, whereby they are more like a small garages or even a barn. With four walls it would also be necessary to install locks on what is a building.

How can minimalist carports look with daring new shapes and designs? Minimalist or artistic roofs can have different angles or have a colorful and nicely decorated interior beneath the roof. How would it be to have a garden or a small room for plants on your carport? With a reinforced roof and a small entrance this would not be difficult to achieve.

Even less expensive carports can be customized with creativity and an expressionistic designer. There are carports with solar sailing and what look like pavilions. These look very attractive and are not too expensive – at least if you compare them with the tradition built carport projects. How about the latest fashion of millionaires? Secret carports! This may sound a little like James Bond, but is currently very fashionable. Along with indoor helicopter landing pad and hidden rooms there are now secret carports with hydraulic lifts for cars and glass walls.

solar panel carport canopy

One of the favorite types is solar powered. This is not only a carport, but it is covered with solar cells enabling you to benefit from the solar energy produced by the sun. The owner can install on the reinforced roof a solar cell. This is a good alternative to installing solar panels on the roof of your home or the floor and has a positive influence on the value of your home.

Speaking of which, the installation of a high quality carport can help to increase the value of your home. Of course, you have the best opportunity to increase the value of the house if you choose a complete building and not cheap and minimalist construction. In addition, it helps the value of your home even if the carport is located at the back of the house. Instead of using the carport only as protection, you could use this building as extra living space.

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