What Is An Awning

Beyond its structure and drive system, one of the key aspects of any awning is the fabric in which it is made. A quality awning canvas will block between 90 and 100% of the UVA rays, so to enjoy maximum protection, choose a dough-acrylic acrylic canvas (280 to 360gr / m²) or a technical fabric and microperforated. The denser the fabric (a high weight expresses the high density of the yarns per m²) the better it will block UVA rays, while the dark colored finishes will further enhance this effect than the light ones. However, even clear tarps, which are more permeable to UVA than dark rays, are as effective as a sun protection cream 50.

An increasingly demanding option, both for aesthetic reasons and for its versatility, are the candles. Made to measure, light and able to adapt to any space, one of its main advantages is precisely that can be attached to facades, poles or other elements where you can fix the small metal anchors that tension them. Also, since they are not fixed elements, they can be easily dismantled and stored in any corner, which makes them suitable both as a source of permanent shade outside the dwellings and for specific assemblies at parties and outdoor celebrations.

The candles are made of lightweight materials such as high density polyethylene, which filter the sun’s rays while allowing air to pass through and can be found in multiple colors, depending on the style you want to achieve. If it tilts towards a rustic and natural atmosphere, nothing better than to choose traditional materials such as esparto, used since time immemorial as sun protection for its resistance against the weather and is in full day.

Designed to withstand the weather, another of the arguments of umbrellas and parasols is the huge range of colors and designs in which they are available. The best: they adapt to any environment and do not constitute an excessively important investment. They are usually made of wood, aluminum or stainless steel structures and with acrylic and technical fabric coverings, often with waterproof and waterproof treatments.
In addition, the offer of systems of placement and opening is very wide and covers models for any space and situation: with central foot, to place on base or on a table; lateral, to create unobstructed shadow areas; orientable, articulated … Also, as far as sizes are concerned, nowadays models of large dimensions and geometric shapes are the most in demand.