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Check Out The Huge Range Of Caravan Awnings Available From Top Brands. Coming In A Range Of Sizes And Styles.

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Isabella Awnings

Top Brands Delivering Isabella Caravan Awnings And Motor Home Awnings. Innovative Designs, Attention To Detail. We Review Them All At Outdoor Canopy Reviews

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Drive Away Awning

A Fantastic Range Of Drive Away Awnings For Caravans, Motor Homes And Campervans. Quick To Setup And Can Left To Reserve Your Pitch While You Continue The Adventure

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The Top Brands Including Kampa, Fiamma And Towsure MotorHome Awnings At Great Prices. For The Best Advice On Inflatable Air Awnings Only At Outdoor Canopy Reviews

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Shop For The Largest Collection Of Fiamma Awnings For MotorHomes, camperVan, Caravan Canopies At Low Prices. Only At Outdoor Canopy Reviews

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Only Quality For All Your Waterproof Patio Awnings, Garden Canopies And Accessories From The Leading Review Site. An Extensive Range Of Products To Enjoy All Year Round

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Garden Awnings UK. For All The Best Deals From Top Names In The United Kingdom. The Best Home And Garden Including Gazebos And Marques

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Porch Covers And Awnings That Make A Great Addition To Your Property. Creating A Sheltered Space Protecting Against The Sun, Wind And Rain. Find The Right Solution For You

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Best Awning Reviews

How to find the perfect awning for you. If your a seasoned camper or caravan enthusiast choosing the right awning for your caravan or motor home is most likely an easy task. But for everyone else, it’s not so easy because there are many different types and styles to choose from. This website which will detail a list of the best products out there for whatever purpose you require, whether that be for caravans, motor homes, patios or porches. We will review each and highlight the features of each awning so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

>> List of the best <<

Awnings are among the most popular and important accessories you can buy today for your home, caravan and motor home. A great investment but it’s very important that you choose the right one for your needs.

Let us look at two of the most popular types on the market today and review popular brands and products.

Caravan Awnings

caravanFull width to the smaller caravan porch awnings, both styles are a great choice for your next investment. A huge range of models provide that much needed extra space for the family to relax and enjoy your holiday in style. Porch, or the inflatable air awning, bring the perfect solution for the smaller van and  provide a great solution to the limited space when travelling. Whilst the larger cousin bring more options and space to relax. Top brands include Fiamma Awnings, Kampa and Isabella Awnings. The market leaders bringing that practical solution for your van. Try choosing the best caravan awning that fits your needs.

>> Under £500 <<

Porch Or Full Size?

The first choice you need to make is whether you go for the full length or the smaller porch? Both products are exclusive and are specifically designed for using in quite different conditions. Examples being those that are light weight and fast to build, commonly used for the weekend getaway. Whilst the more sturdy product can withstand bad weather and can be left pitched for the entire season.

The full awning maximises available space, ideal for holidays. Though they do take longer to construct than porches, but worthwhile if you plan on staying for a week or more. The downside is they are heavy to handle and take up space, which may or may not impact on the other payload being carried.

Porch awnings are fast to put up and much lighter to transport about but don’t provide that much needed extra space. Though in some cases porches can be big and nearly match their bigger cousins.

When buying a full size awning, remember the size you need will depend on the length of the caravan. Awnings are always measured in centimeters called A-measurements. This is the distance around the awning channel, plus the distance from each end of the channel to the ground.

Motor Home Awnings

motor-homeDrive away awnings provide extra space for comfort when travelling around. Designed specifically for motor homes and camper-vans, you can rest assure that these fantastic canopies will do a great job keeping you dry and sheltered whilst on the road. Having in effect an extra room whilst travelling will help improve the whole experience and allow you to remain stress free. There are a wide range of products available , from the basic canopy to a whole room and annex. These can be left pitched allowing you to use your vehicle during the day and most are easy to put up, able to standalone, making them a great investment and addition to your adventures on the open road. Choose the best motor-home awning today.

>> Under £500 <<

Fixed Or Air?

The inflatable awning is very quick and simple to erect due to the use of integral air tubes which are very reliable. In addition, their weight is much lighter than the traditional fibre glass or metal framed fixed products. That said, there is little difference in time between the inflatable and fixed products as by the time you have attached it to your van any saving will be negligible. Inflatables are also generally more expense that their traditional counterparts but the benefits may be considered worthwhile in the long run.

Fixed, or pole awnings are the traditional method which involves constructing a solid frame for your awning to sit on. Though these are more often heavier than the inflatable options, they do provide for a more rigid and permanent solution. They are also better suited for a longer stay when travelling.

Both air and pole awnings are available for most vans but it is down to the consumer to decide which is best suited to your lifestyle. If you are finding the choice hard speak to other caravanners and or site owners on the local campsites as they are more experienced in the many products available on the market today.

Be aware… It is highly recommended, for speed, to put up an awning with the side panels zipped in place. However, if windy, it’s best to take the panels out first to stop the larger areas of fabric damaging the awning or worse, your pride and joy.

Patio Awnings

patioThe timeless garden awnings, most commonly used as a patio awning though not exclusively, provide many solutions to the families shading requirements. With the addition of modern materials in the design and fabric, many are able to provide all year round protection from the elements. Used for sun protection in the summer months, and able to protect from heavier rainfall in the autumn and winter using the stronger materials found in the latest products on the market today. Many top end patio awnings have  clever arm systems and front bars which are able to reshape to help deflect rain water. Some even include rain channels built in to the front bar and are more and more becoming the standard. All of which provide great relief from the ever changing British weather. So choose the best garden canopy or patio awning that best suits your needs today.

>> Popular products<<

Electric vs Manual

The most obvious difference between the two is the fact that one has a motor and the other needs to be raised and lowered by hand. Both use the same winch and pulley system and the same fabrics are used regardless. The frames are also identical which consist of rigid vinyl, metal or plastic.

The real difference between both is how they are operated. Manual uses a crank that is placed on a bolt or latch and once in place, you use this to raise or lower the moving parts. The electric model utilises a switch, button or remote control to operate the awning.


Many retractable awnings do not come with any supporting structure so they need to be retracted when not being used. Especially in stormy weather. As they stick out quite a bit they can easily become damaged when caught in any wind and rip and tear during times of bad weather.


There are a wealth of additions including carpets and groundsheets, canopies, roof liners and annexes to mention a few. You can extend your caravan and or campervan to gain more living space or even add extra sleeping space. Bring a little luxury to you experience or just sure up your extra space. We detail some of the more popular awning additions here.



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