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The Best Carport Reviews

A carport is a canopy structure which is used to provide limited protection to primarily cars. As your vehicle is most likely second only to your property in terms of cost you need to protect your investment. We provide trusted reviews of all types of carports allowing you the consumer to make an informed decision on which car port is right for you


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Outdoor Awnings

Thinking about purchasing a deck awning or even a caravan awning? Before you make that decision you should learn as much as possible about the benefits and drawbacks. You need to consider the cost, value and longevity of each product before you decide. Let us take you through the pros and cons to consider before you buy


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School Canopy Reviews

The popularity of the school canopies have risen sharply. In recent years, canopies in schools are in great demand. The sun’s rays are really dangerous and people have started becoming conscious about the harmful rays of the sun on young children’s skin. Let us take you through the latest products and and allow you to make an educated decision on what’s best for your school

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Commercial Canopies

Canvas-type commercial canopies Business fronts are very popular, not only because they are economical but functional and very attractive. If you own a business and you have wondered how to lift the business, you might want to consider a commercial canopy. You can choose many colours, and not only that, you can print what you want on the canopy, making it to sign your business. We review all types of commercial canopies and let you decide

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Domestic Canopies

A canopy provides an attractive and functional addition to any property or living space. There are a huge range of canopies available to suit any house. We review whats available and let you the consumer decide on whats best for you

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Bespoke Canopy Reviews

A bespoke canopy design provides a special, custom made solution for any size area. Let us show you what’s possible and how beautiful tailor made canopies can be. The possibilities are endless

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Best Carport Reviews

All types of carports including metal, party tent, wooden and cantilever structures. Looking for the best reviews right here

Outdoor Awning Reviews

We review all types of outdoor awnings including the popular freestanding, cassette and little big awnings

We Review School Canopies

There are many types and uses for school canopies. We review the best and let you decide which one suits you

The Best Domestic Canopies

Domestic products provide an attractive and functional addition to any property or living space. We review the good and bad

Just Commercial Canopy Reviews

Entrance to buildings ideas, walkway, car park and smoking shelters and also the popular for outdoor eating . We review all types

The Best Deluxe Covers

Bespoke covers, custom made to fit any space. If your looking for that something special let us show you what’s possible.

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A Guide To Choosing The Best Carport

luxury carportsWelcome to OutdoorCanopyReviews: When most people think of carports they just think of a small construction which your covers your car and protects it from environmental influences. Nevertheless, the development and selection process involves much effort and consideration. In this guide, we discuss everything that needs considering when choosing the right product, from the material used such as metal, wood or even portable car shelters and DIY kits, the benefits to ideas on how to build your own structure or to selecting the right manufacturer. We look at all the different structures for sale on the market today providing you the consumer with the knowledge and expertise required to make an informed decision on which type is best for you.

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The Advantages

A structure built to protect your vehicle is often taken for granted, but if you even think about it, the humble car port has a lot of benefits. The most obvious advantage is that it protects the roof of the vehicle. Of course, a little rain never hurts anyone, right? True but it can be very frustrating when a perfectly washed vehicle is ruined by the unexpected weather!

Aside from the rain, what about golf ball size hailstones and even falling branches? A purpose built structure protects your pride and joy fromcarport raining extreme weather, so that your car always looks brand new. Sufficient protection is especially important if you are driving a convertible. If you have this protection, you can confidently park your vehicle and prevent it from being flooded until you can close the roof again! This also applies in the event that you can no longer close your electric windows.

Rain and hail are not the only jokes that mother nature allows itself. If you live in a climate with heavy snow fall, you probably know only too well how much time you waste trying to scrape the snow and ice from your windshield. This will save you many hours of work during the winter months!

Summer is also no picnic for your car, because the intensive sunlight can make the color fade and even affect the interior of the car on the seats. The UV rays of sunlight can be very strong, not only on human skin, but also on cars. Parking in the shade of your new pride and joy can also help ensure that your car remains a little cooler, and in the summer heat this can make a big difference.

The price is also an important factor when deciding on which product you will buy. While it can be very expensive to build a garage on the house, the cultivation of a carport is a much cheaper option. Carports can be made of durable but inexpensive materials, such as aluminium which really is the best material to go for.

With aluminium you get optimum coverage and protection – the same qualities of a garage. And without the of having to take out a loan!

The ease of installation is another reason to opt for this kind of structure. Most projects can be installed in a few days, sometimes even faster, depending on your needs. Metal kits are cheap and easy to erect. It takes longer to build a garage and this can also have a negative interruption on your life during construction. Not as complicated as garages and the proof is there when one observes the more adventurous homeowners who build their own projects!

Another advantage? You can decide exactly where you want to place it. You can build it right by your side door so that you can leave the house quickly and can be placed under a protective roof when the weather is bad. You can build behind your house or wherever you want to build it. The final advantage is that it allows you to show off to the neighbors improving your status in the neighbourhood because they look great. Come on, you know that this is true!

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A free-standing, cantilevered carport is nothing less than a stunning addition to any property. Recognisable by it’s floating design and sleek finish, it combines perfectly form and function in a carport. Truly a delight to grace any property with so many great designs available


A wooden carport is a better looking and environmentally friendly alternative to metal or plastic. It is a fantastic addition to any property and garden. Not only will kit protect your car from the elements, these high quality structures also offer a great sheltered area to work or play


Metal in aluminium or steel, offer convenience as a huge benefit to customers who buy DIY kits online. Easy access without lock and key is an ideal steel structure alternative to a garage. Simply walk up and drive away! Simple and they look great aswell


Doing it yourself can save you money. So if you’re that ‘handy’ type of person who likes rolling your sleeves up, we have the solution for you, a DIY carport kit! Do it yourself t kits offer you that professionally finished appearance in kit form that you can assemble yourself!

Party Tent

Ideal if you need to protect your vehicle from the elements but at a fraction of what it costs to buy or build a traditional garage. This convenient structure also has many uses besides housing vehicles. Great for social events, weddings, parties and much more!


Portable Carports Are Easy. There are many advantages when purchasing a mobile carport whether that be the wood or metal variety. Built with versatility in mind you can take them anywhere and have a structure ready in minutes. A great purchase with value for money in mind

A Guide To Outdoor Awnings

Sails, parasols, umbrellas, marquees and the old favourite, the gazebo are all products that allow you to enjoy the outdoor weather, comfortably whilst being well protected. Discover the entire range of awnings and let us provide you with an unbiased view to include the  advantages and disadvantages. We will focus on the popular products such as caravan awnings, isabella awnings, primrose and kampa awnings whilst touching on the huge range of gazebos currently available.

pictures of products

Installing sun protection elements on the balconies and terraces of the property allows not only the enjoyment of the exterior spaces of the property but also helps protect it from heat and save energy . There is a very wide of solutions on offer depending on the space available, the opening system, the quality of the canvas and, of course, the decorative style you want.

For the sun protection of terraces there is now an immense variety of models, designs and colors – for all types of awning and canvas colors. The selection of the perfect awning is simple: it is usually defined by the place of use and your own expectations. In general terms it differentiates between all chest, semi-safe, basic and side awnings. When it is desired to generate an additional external space, the ideal shade setting for large surfaces.

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path of the sunBefore choosing any element that provides shade, we must analyze the area in which it is to be installed. At this stage it is important to know the path of the sun to ensure that we can protect the entire area desired in the hours we use the most space. From there, the surface to be covered must be calculated. It is about having all the elements to decide which type of cover is better or not, the degree of inclination, if you need additional protections or elements to modify your position quickly and comfortably, etc.

Those who wish to provide their favorite place with a long-lasting, high-quality shade in the middle of the garden, pool or natural pool, choose an independent awning system.

Basic Awning Design

One of the easiest options to place and with a greater capacity of adaptation to all type of sites. Also, they barely take up space on the wall when they are closed and create shade anywhere. They range from those designed for balconies – with folding arms that attach to the railing in a projected or vertical, according to the need – to those of articulated arms, manufactured in many sizes.

Articulated and extendable solutions are ideal for open spaces, such as large terraces and porches. Why? They can create large shade spaces without the need for any additional support. Stable and resistant, its mechanism allows, when picking up the awning, folding the arms and rolling the fabric, so that it hardly takes place in the facade when it is not in use.

On the other hand, an element that guarantees a long service life of the awning – outside space designthe average is around 25 years – whatever its opening mechanism, is the chest, an accessory that fully protects the fabric and the structure of the action of the sun, rain and dirt when in closed position. It is a relatively discreet element, which is usually lacquered in the same color as the frame of the awning.

To cover large terraces, or as a complement to wooden or aluminum pergola structures as moving ceilings, sliding solutions are becoming ever more popular. Composed of canvas strips that slide through the guides that support them, this type of can be installed between walls, with an aluminum goal at its end farthest from the facade or in a separate pergola.

The sliding examples can be completed with curtains, mosquito nets or panels on the sides by means of hand-operated pulleys or by an electric motor driven by fixed automatism’s or a remote control. In addition to providing greater protection, they can be opened almost completely when not in use. Placing a sensor operates automatically in case of rain or wind blowing is a comfortable way to extend its useful life, since we will avoid the risk of it being damaged if we have forgotten to pick it up.

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A Guide To Outdoor Canopies

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